Another update, of sorts

For what it’s worth, a Razorback Foundation jet is on the ground tonight at Love Field in Dallas, near the SMU campus. It landed there a little more than an hour ago after making a stop in Houston.

Our NBC station in Birmingham just announced our Morris hiring. Came to board and found no announcement. How’d they know ahead of the board?

They don’t know. They are simply repeating speculative reports that aren’t confirmed. According to this board negotiations are serious and ongoing, but the deal is not done. Ask KNWA and Derrick Gragg about jumping the gun with reports like those.

I get the feeling all is not right on this,Hope this signing doesn’t fall through,

Matt, do you know how we can watch tomorrow’s 10 a.m. presser?

I’m unsure right now. I assume it will be carried on the SEC Network. We will have video on our website shortly after it ends.

Thanks, Matt, and thanks for the good work you’ve done in keeping us informed on this developing story.