Another transfer

Derek Ripp, a big, hard-hitting first baseman, will play at George Washington next season. He redshirted as a freshman in 2018.

Is there a why to this??

It’s an equivalency sport. There are always a lot of transfers in sports where there are not full scholarships.

Do you think he would have gotten any playing time this coming year?

His younger brother will be freshman RHP at GW this season. It sounds like a good family fit.

It’s really, really hard to make 11.7 scholarships fit.

Blame Title IX. People in Washington can’t keep their hands off anything.

Admittedly I did not see several of the games/scrimmages during Fall Ball last year. That said I did pay attention to Ripp. (He has a great name for a power hitter.) But, he did not hit well when I saw him.

It is not so much a Title IX issue as it is a case where the haves are able to fund more scholarships than are permitted, but the have nots can’t afford the 11.7 maximum. There are a lot of schools that are giving out fewer than 11.7. I think I read last year that Grambling State funded eight scholarships for baseball.

As long as the poorer D1 programs have an equal vote, the number of baseball scholarships will not increase.

I don’t know for sure, but he was never a player I heard much about in terms of the future. He hit some home runs in fall ball last year, but I don’t remember him hitting much for average or being a great defender.

Big swing with lots of swings and misses is what I saw from Ripp. I did not see much when I watched him in the fall. Granted, I didn’t see every practice. But he’s got that big frame and when he was in the batter’s box (for scrimmages or batting practice), I paid attention. He just didn’t produce. I am guessing he didn’t see that he was going to play and didn’t have a scholarship. You’d be surprised how few position players have any scholarship at all in college baseball. The majority goes to pitching. And, it should be that way. I am going to guess that the position players with scholarship money in last year’s class were Casey Martin, Heston Kjerstad and Cole Turney.

Look at that roster from last year and figure out where 11.7 scholarships went. Remember that you must be on at least 25 percent or nothing. There were a lot of nothings as far as scholarship. You come hoping you will turn some heads and get something in year two. If you don’t, then it’s going to be a lot of student loans (or academic money).

Agreed. Title IX only specifies proportionality. Which is not a problem with schools that don’t play FBS football, but those 85 in football screw up the proportionality. FCS has 63 that can be divided, so still a lot more than any other sport. There are 65 Power Five schools and ~235 others playing D1 baseball. Some of the non-P5 schools are really good (Fullerton, Dallas Baptist, Coastal Carolina) and probably could afford more than 11.7. But a whole bunch of them don’t. Title IX is just the excuse they use instead of admitting “we’re not going to let the big schools have more than that because we can’t even afford what they allow now”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Martin is getting a lottery scholarship and nothing from DVH. LSU is infamous for giving scholarships to out of state players and stashing the in-state kids on its lottery scholarship.

Thanks, Matt. I couldn’t imagine leaving Arkansas for that school unless (1) the possibility of more playing time, or (2) more scholarship money.

If you can hit, you’ll play as a freshman. Heston Kjerstad played every single game. Casey Martin had an issue with a hip flexor and sat out briefly. Dominic Fletcher played two years ago. Eric Cole played as a freshman, although he hit some lulls. The freshmen who can play, do play under Dave Van Horn. I never wondered why Derek Ripp wasn’t playing because I didn’t see much when I watched a practice. I told you (and so did Matt) who was tearing it up in the fall. And, I never saw anything to suggest he was going to play.

I’ve known all of the kids DVH has signed from the Overland Park/KC Area the last few years and there have been some reaches among that group. Ripp, Krull and McClain are the last 3 and all have transferred out. The 2 coming this year will be good IMO…Liam Henry and Christian Franklin. Ripp is a VERY good student and could go about anywhere he wants on an academic scholarship. All are good kids.