Another transfer contacted

Arkansas, Georgia, Georgetown, Baylor and Memphis, amongst others, all remain heavily in the mix for Evansville transfer Deandre Williams, he told @Stockrisers.

Williams remains committed to the NBA but is leaving his options open.

Arkansas, Baylor, Memphis and Kentucky make up the finalists for Evansville transfer Deandre Williams, he told @Stockrisers

. As far as UK’s interest goes, John Calipari has spoken with Williams and they’ve been heavily involved.

Rumor is he’s deciding today. What are we thinking, RD?

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I would lean towards Kentucky but won’t totally rule out Arkansas.

This article says Williams is waiting on NBA decisions by Jared Butler of Baylor and Isaiah Joe of Arkansas.

Yes, Kentucky is loaded at the forward spot.

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He seems to think he’s going to be eligible next season.

I think that’s the hope. Might be a steep hill to climb.

Based on those we’ve seen the last couple years, it may depend on what his AD has to say to the NCAA. Will he be a jerk like the Cal Berkley AD was with Vanover? Or, be understandable like most ADs after a head coach has been fired.

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