Another tough moment

I am back at UAMS for the second time in two weeks. I am with my wife in ICU where her dad, Bobby Ashcraft, fights for his life after a serious stroke last night in DeWitt. Coach Ashcraft sent many players to the Razorbacks as head coach at Eudora, Sheridan, Paragould and DeWitt. Among the notables were Cliff Powell, Jimmy Fryer, David Hogue and Richard Lafargue.

Believe me, prayers are with you, we also had disturbing information today about our daughter. She had some lumps removed from her breast and there was “non aggressive cancer”. Hopefully, they got all the cancer when they removed the lump, but we won’t know until she gets an MRI next week. Not what you want to deal with when it comes to you children.

Clay my prayers are with you. I’ve heard of Coach Ashcraft. He impacted a lot of young men in more ways than those that became Razorbacks! We all know he loves the game of football and the kids.

Mr Henry you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

I know him well, Mrs. Wanda was my elementary school music teacher in DeWitt. Did not know about the stroke, prayers on the way!

I was discharged from UAMS last night, last round of chemo, next stop stem cell transplant there. I believe that the care your father in law is receiving there is the best in the state. I have been impressed with the compassion and care that I have received while there over the course of past few months. The entire staff has made difficult stays more palatable, simply because they care about their patients. A small consolation for you and your wife I can understand. But knowing that the care he is receiving is as good as it gets regardless of the outcome is helpful.

Clay told me they lost him about 1:30 this morning. I am sure the family appreciates all our thoughts and prayers.

So sorry to hear that, Clay. Condolences to you, your wife and the rest of the family.

I don’t know why, but sometimes these things come in waves. In August of 2011, my ex-wife’s Father passed suddenly. Though we were divorced, I remained very close to her parents, who lived with us (upstairs apartment) for more than 10 years after they sold their home. They always treated me very well, even after the split.

Exactly one week later, my ex’s Mother passed too - also suddenly. It was Deja Vu as visitation was at the same place, service at the same church, and burial at the same cemetery, of course. The irony was that he was - exactly - 7 days older than she was. So they lived exactly the same number of days.

Then, about 5 weeks after that, my father passed - again, suddenly - on the Monday following our big comeback win over the Aggies (last time we beat them). We had shared a phone conversation about that win just the day before he passed.

It was, to state the obvious, a very tough time. To be honest, I was stunned, looking back on it . . . dazed. But, somehow, I put one foot in front of the other and did what had to be done. The Lord provides some kind of auxiliary “gas tank” to give us the energy to get through these times.

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Clay…

Sad news. Prayers for Clay and the extended family.
Difficult to lose a loved one.
The silver lining is that they are released from the
pain and suffering.

sorry for your family’s loss…the family has my prayers…may all the memories be fond ones.

Prayers for Clay and family.

Praying for your family, Clay. Been a tough week for you. May God comfort you.

Jean Ann and I thank our extended family for so many prayers and sweet thoughts. I’m lucky to have married into one of the first families of DeWitt. It’s a special place, the Ashcraft home. I remember going there for the first time, then going back two years later to ask for permission to marry coach Ashcraft’s daughter. He was a tough football coach then, but I found a sweet gentleman waiting on me in the backyard as he fried catfish. I thought it was my chance to speak. He cut me off before I could say a word. He said, “I know why you are here. We’d love to have another son. Wanda Jo and I give our blessing.” Then we dug in to talking football. What a neat man. I learned so much about how you mentor, how you worship and how you treat others. He was a great man of faith and I know he’s healed in Heaven now.

Thoughts and prayers to you and your family!

It appears that your father in law and my father on on the same path. They were both dealing with issues last February. Dad got a lot better than I dreamed he would, but has really gone down hill in the last 2 months. Prayers for Coach Ashcraft (I am a Paragould boy, I remember him being the coach at Paragould, but I was too young to play for him).

Prayers for Coach Ashcraft and all of you Clay.

praying for your family Clay! I know what your going through and God is in Control! may he deliver the peace that only he can give!!

Clay, my prayers are with you, Jean Ann, and your entire family.

My prayers are with you and the family Clay. It’s tough on those who are still in these mortal bodies but like someone else on here mentioned, he is in a place we can only imagine. I lost my mom in April and the void takes a while to heal for us. The solace was knowing she is in a much better place. God bless.