Another to keep an eye on

Jaron just decommitted from Ga. Tech. A source has been saying for the longest he wasn’t going to Tech.

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I really Like him at LB,not sure I see the speed to play S but would love to have him!

He would be a LB at Arkansas.


Yeah he’s 220+ and can run,he along with Crook and Powell will give us 3 LB that can come downhill in a hurry and are great tacklers.


Dude arrives with bad intentions.


Ole Miss

Assumed or known?

CB’s were trending towards him today.

He may get down there and see that it’s so flat you can watch you dog run away from home for three days and the remember the beauty of the Ozarks ! WPS

They already have 3 LBs that can come downhill in a hurry and are great tacklers - Crook, Powell and Shiloh Christian’s Kaden Henley, who is a beast.

Yeah He does look Great,somehow I had missed his video’s… Can never have enough of those…Still would like to have Willis too…I’m greedy like that :slightly_smiling_face:

We still need another high caliber LB.

I’m sure they would love to have them all, but numbers become a factor and do you need a 4th LB or a DT or CB or WR?

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Yeah you know I’m joking about saying I want all of them I know that’s not possible… we definitely need DL in my opinion for sure at least 2 of them. A couple of CB’s too … I really think we are fine at WR if we get Mbake to go with the ones were already have but I really don’t know how many numbers we have left we can do… that’s the perfect world scenario that I live in LOL

It’s ok to forget about Jaron.

I would look for Arkansas to go portal route for a LB.

We have apparent top echelon talent on the way. We need experienced, mature LB’s hopefully with leadership ability. Bumper returning would be a huge get for this next class.

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