another thought to be DC candidate gone to tOSU … 3521374208

Ohio State: Washington State defensive coordinator Alex Grinch will join the Ohio State staff reports Alex Gleitman. Last week we reported Grinch was a strong candidate to go to Ohio State.

Despite the obvious Chavis, all the others strongly mentioned are landing elsewhere. Only real coup that I see would be to double Tosh Luopi and make him DC. Dude is powerful and obviously not toppable in recruiting. It make take awhile but physical would be a real description always applied to us. His recruiting reputation overshadows his excellent coaching skills. Maybe not double which would get to Venables number, but at least 1.5M and make him turn it down. He is not mentioned in HC circles yet, will be if he stays in Ttown. Short window of opportunity. Probably a long wait to talk since I think Bama will play for the NC again, but I would let his people know there is a Land of Opportunity waiting. JMO.

Pete Kwiatkowski $700,000 a year…he has consistently fielded the Pac12’s top Defense (top 10 nationally)