Another thing I really interested in...

HY has made it clear that he feels the current model of coaching contracts is unsustainable. Specifically the huge buyouts. He has stated that he feels losing games should constitute “cause” for firing.

Now, needing to make the “home run” hire, what will he do with the contract for a new coach? It seems unlikely he will have the momentum to structure the type of contract he envisions, and will likely have to operate under the “status quo”.

I would love to see colleges be able to get coaches under contracts with generous base salaries, augmented by additional winning incentives. Literally additional payment per win. Not sure I’ll ever see it, though.

Well you know the ADG will obtain the new coach’s contract as soon as it can and we’ll be able to figure those things out – if it’s substantially different in structure than what CM or BB or MA got.

HY has made it clear what he WANTS to happen.

Just suspect the exigencies of the situation will dictate the status quo.