Another Theory On Briles Leaving…

Well let’s be honest, until the last two seasons Harbaugh job security at Michigan was not that stable… and he’s flirted with the NFL…. I think he would’ve been a strong candidate to get that open QB coach slash co OC …. But maybe not…

Agreed. Maybe not.

Well do we also agree we are happy he’s back at the UA???

Go hogs.

Enos accepted job. At Michigan but turned it down to go to Bama with Saban instead .

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That’s right. I’d forgotten that.

Better theory is based on his jacking CSP around a saying he was staying his previous flirtation with the Stankville Dawgs ended. It is pretty clear CSP gave him sufficient time to stop the TCU rumors and when that did not occur he went back to Enos and gave Kendall a nice cardboard box.

I suspect that KB’s repeated flirtations with other teams not only chapped CSP but HY as well. HY does not seem to be one who puts up with a lot of nonsense as he proved during Arkansas negotiations with Kiffin for the HC position. I could see HY instructing CSP to take the jet & hire Enos when TCU approached KB & he was slow to reject TCU advances.

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This is where I am as well. HY isn’t going to be held hostage for long. I appreciate that about him.

Believe that HY, his coaches, & the BOT have a mutual loyalty, candor, & respect that enable them to work well together. Otherwise, doubt they will be there for long. HY is not afraid to act in the best interests of The University.

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Briles’ right hand man Mark Cala is starting his first day at TCU. He worked with the QBs & was quality control analyst.

Bright future. He’ll be a P5 QB coach-OC soon.

I have no knowledge, but it sure seems like Enos was hired and signed before KB ever accepted the TCU job. I feel like CSP said, we’ve replaced you, so go figure it out. At least that’s what I want to believe.

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Briles accepted the job several days before he was announced. He agreed to delay it until after the portal window closed, thus the reason we were able to quickly hire and announce Enos. Sam had already offered Enos the job if Briles had taken the MSU job, circled back again when TCU and Briles started talking.

Yea, guess what I’m saying is when you say Briles “accepted the job several days before he was announced”, I want to believe the Enos was offered the job several days before that. As you say, Enos was on board back when Briles was talking with MSU. That’s when I want to believe SP said to Briles go figure it out, we’ve got Enos. So he went and figured out TCU…

No Sam wanted to keep him especially from Mississippi state. After tcu came calling and briles agreed to go they kept it quiet so it wouldn’t affect the portal, ie kj go with Kendal

KJ had to have known that KB was going to TCU (& probably knew about Enos) well prior to it being announced. Besides, KJ would have been upset with CSP for keeping KB’s departure from him & denying him the opportunity to follow. It was evident that Briles to TCU was a done deal well prior to the portal closing so KJ could have entered the portal.

Briles did us a solid by going to Dykes and saying let’s delay the announcement until the portal closes. He did this because he and Sam had a good relationship - and still do.


May have also benefitted Dykes to delay the announcement in efforts to mute the outrage & negativity by the TCU fan base & perhaps curtail TCU players exiting via portal. Consensus of TCU fans were strongly against hiring Briles who is still linked to their bitter Baylor rival & the scandal there.

The deal was done on Monday. Agreed to wait until Thursday to announce. He was not forced to leave as what seems the most common talk among fans. Enos was ready to come if Briles had left for Starkville. So it was closed quickly after the Monday decision.

Clay what are your thoughts on Enos coming back, or why? I look at what he had coming back at Maryland and that schedule while hard is not SEC West hard,

I think it speaks volumes for what his opinion is of Coach Pittman, and for what he thinks of the opportunity to coach KJ, and the pieces he will have to work with on Offense, I just think it says a lot,

Enos is a great hire.