Another Theory On Briles Leaving…

I came home last night to help my dad(he broke couple bones in his foot last week and had some outside stuff tended to) and we discussed all things Hogs. His 80 year old thought is that Briles kept flirting and eventually took the TCU job bc he wants to coach in the CFP and conference championship, which will be much easier going forward at TCU vs ARK…especially with OU and Texas coming to the SEC next year. Not saying this was true but perhaps part of the reason he jumped?

I still think SP got tired of the flirting and told him to hit the door.

Possible, but it should be noted that the new CFP format does not guarantee spots to Power 5 conference champs. If TCU wins the Little Dozen at 10-3, for instance, there is a non-zero chance that they don’t make the new CFP anyway. The top six conference champs get in, not just the Power 5 plus one.

I also think the LD may not be that much easier without UT/OU but with Cincy, BYU, Houston and UCF, all of which have had very good teams in recent years.

My theory is Texas boy wanted to go home, FWIW…

He’s friend with Sonny Dykes. He has friends on the TCU staff. He’s near home. He’ll be paid equal or at least more money. And yes, he’ll be in an easier conference.

All these are reasons for him leaving.

Plus , no state income tax in Texas.


When I moved from Arkansas to Tennessee in 98 (because of no state taxes) my take home pay went up $300 a month. With his salary it’s nothing to sneeze at.

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Since this is another theory on KB’s leaving. I will share this for thinking. SP had a recruting trip in Baltimore area before flying to Florida where he interviewed Wiliams for defensive coordinator slot. Fans were tracking the flights of planes and SP was asked why Baltimore area, his reply was to see defensive player (lineman I think) and that player had not been highly mentioned on recruiting boards so folks scratched their heads. Now, was SP to confirm interest with Enos in case this opening came up. Reports said he had gone back to confirm if Enos was still interested after the flirtation with MSU. MSU ain’t Texas but looking for jobs into day’s world cannot be avoided and doing so with same agent as you boss seems to say all there is. SP was willing to step up to keep him and they worked on getting raise and new contract. Worked until TCU came calling or Texas came calling which ever. Now if Texas came calling and TCU was not willing to endure fanbase angry the someone did not play the cards right. I do think Texas had a bearing on his decision and likely the friendships with some of staff. However, OC looking for head coaching job with his resume left a better more competitive league which has dominated the playoffs to go to league and school that just had their first and laid dinosaur size egg there.

I remember that flight and wondered the same thing.

My theory- KB got played by Pitt and deserved it. He flirted one too many times and Pitt was done with it. The move on our side happened and record breaking speed. You tweet out - “looking forward to running it back one more year with KJ” after flirting with one lady and then 2 weeks later you are chatting up another one and Pitt and HY said hit it! I am sure his flirtation had to do with friends on staff, it is back in Texas, possibly and easier chance at playoffs etc. was part of it but from all of the things I have heard out there and just seeing how it transpired it just seems that he was kindly told to take the job and it is time to part ways.

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Living in Austin I will bet that wherever he and his wife decide to live in Ft. Worth the property taxes will be more than what he paid in income tax and property tax in Ark. I know mine is and I don’t live in high dollar house or neighborhood.


True, but outrageous property taxes that make TX one of the most expensive states to live.


My gut is telling me the same as your take Hawgfan1 (like your handle–we all want to the #1 in our life) . I wasn’t on the phone or in the room but seems this is the outcome.

Pittman took him off recruiting the last weekend before news broke and I am sure Hunter would have likely have had long talk if Sam had not taken this suggested path.

I wonder how KB would be today if both ARK and TCU had cut him loose without a job. That would be career path derailer for sure.

One other note related, I see where KJ and Rocket got NIL increases so this should resolve their feelings of leaving to follow KB to TCU. Likely they were thanking their former coach for helping them get more $ too.

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I too think that stop in DC area had a lot to do with how rapidly this thing happened. Sam certainly did not get caught with his paints down.

Here is what I think and if you look at the timeline it matches up…

I don’t think SP liked one bit the conflict in the locker room between DL and KB… right, wrong or indifferent it impacted the team…. I think Briles received interest from USCe and when that didn’t work out Coach Pittman recommended DL and Beamer vetted him out and hired him, but at that point CSP realized he needed to put an OC list together…. I think MSU came along and Briles listened hard, but being that it was inter division CSP didn’t want that kind of familiarity in the division, but this elevated the “get your ducks in a row” intensity to have an solid OC replacement ready… even if it came down to negotiations…. When TCU knew they were losing their OC, Briles was gone at that point and we moved in Enos… because deals like that don’t just come together in 24 hours…

I’ll also add, if Enos was not at the UA he would be at the top of the list to replace the OC/QB coach at Michigan right now…

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I saw a video of the team working with the strength coach , KJ was leading the pack


Thanks. Wondered but had not heard of offensive staff conflict as stated. SP’s actions should be comfort to fans if this was case.

Dan Enos is a good coach and professional. . Glad to have him back.


But he will buy an expensive home in FTW and have to pay much higher Texas property taxes on it. The absence of state income tax isn’t as impactful as it sounds.


You may be right about Michigan, but Enos is a Michigan State man. Would that fly in Ann Arbor?

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I actually am very good friends with some Michigan folks,… family’s that are married and split between Big Blue and Sparty… great people….

Coach Enos is respected up there a lot…. And you are right, he played at MSU,… but also played HS at Dearborn…. He is close with the Harbaughs , and even coached for a time before going to BAMA at UM… Harbaugh has a lot of respect for the QB development skills of coach Enos, and a job would be about a phone call away from “Danny” I would think…

I know this, we got ourselves a good one in Dan Enos….

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Harbaugh had other chances to hire Enos. And did not.

He’s very much respected and rightfully so in the profession…. Also, our head coach is very comfortable with him and they have worked well together in the past…. I don’t think we have anything but alignment with the Head Coach and our new OC, because they were not asking him to leave his job in Maryland, and he had a good QB returning there… also, I don’t think he would have any trouble picking up the phone right now and fielding a number of jobs… to me their is just so much positive about this hire….

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