Another Sign I’m Officially Getting Old…

I am wearing hearing aides! So far, so good. I can hear my wife’s high pitched voice more clearly, and she’s not staying irritated at me bc she thinks I’m ignoring her! I guess all the terrible ear infections as a young kid and working around farming, logging equipment plus hunting has diminished my hearing capacity.

Told my clinic staff they better watch out, bc now I can hear them clearly mumbling and grumbling about me around the office. I also told my wife’s best friend I can now hear all her gossiping from across town!

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Nah. You’re really old when you drop one in the toilet. You go downstairs to get a big spoon to fish the thing out. But, another family member comes into the bathroom, takes a whiz and then flushes. One of the many ways I’ve lost the darn things.


Glad to get the pros & cons on hearing aids here or hear.
Huh, what did you say

I knew I was getting old when my mail box starting filling up with correspondence from hearing aid companies.
My hearing is not so good. Didn’t notice the change much until folks starting wearing masks. I was lip reader and didn’t know it.

I have an older friend who is a small plane pilot who wears a special ear plug every time he flies. It filters out the droning sound of the engine but not the other frequencies. He says that constant sound in any frequency will eventually wear out your ability to hear that frequency. I have high frequency hearing loss, too. Female voices are mostly higher in frequency and I needed hearing aids after thirty plus years of marriage. I, therefore, blame my wife for my high frequency hearing loss and she does not think I am funny at all. When I tell a group of men that story THEY think it is funny, but not their wives.

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My dad is essentially deaf as a board, and it seems to be genetic. I started wearing hearing aids about 10 years ago, and I stopped when I realized they weren’t helping; the background noise was getting amplified just like the things I wanted to hear, and I still couldn’t carry on a conversation in a restaurant, for instance. The situation is getting worse, though, and I’m looking into aids that can filter out the background noise. (Another issue is that I had to keep removing the aids to use a stethoscope at work; fortunately heart and breathing sounds are at a frequency I can still hear, and I’ve never needed to use a stethoscope in my new job).

I can still remember one day there was a sudden pop in my ears and the tinnitus began. It hasn’t stopped.

I also discovered during the pandemic that I’m reading lips too, and when those lips were behind a mask, it was much more difficult to understand people.

My wife and daughters tell me I need hearing assistance. What they haven’t figured out is that I’m just ignoring comments I don’t want to respond to. Their problem not mine

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I have worn aids for about 30 years now and I feel the behind the ear type is by far the best but many folks do not want others to see the aids. Personally I like them best as the tiny things they have now do not have the capabillity of larger ones and I find it helps others understand why I ask them to repeat things when they see my aids.

Right now I have inserts but next I will go back ot the behind the ear types.

The newer hearing aides like mine have a filtering function where I can drop a lot of background noise. I tried it today at church and it helps.

The stethoscope issue has a solution with the new digital scopes that pair to the hearing aides via Bluetooth. I’m researching this option and will probably order one to try. Also, my current stethoscope works fine with the hearing aides in my ear WITH large soft ear buds on the scope that provide a seal in the ear. I’ve got a large pair of soft stethoscope ear tips in now and it works fine. The trick is a good ear seal so background noise isn’t being amplified through the stethoscope.

I’ll let you know how the digital Bluetooth stethoscope works once I get it and use it. I’ve got another 10 years to work so it’s worth the expense of trying digital

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My wife has been wearing hearing aids for about 40 years. Her first two pairs were very expensive. She bought her last 2 hearing aids from Costco. the last one cost about $1,400 (for the pair) and are the best she’s ever had. Most of our friends use Costco now. Highly recommend. They filter the background noise really well.

My tinnitus is very loud and constant. It wakes me up at night.

Wish now I hadn’t attended so many rock concerts (especially ZZ Top) and shot so many guns.

But the cause is probably due to skydiving over the last 40 years. It’s incredibly loud in freefall at 200 mph and you can’t wear hearing protection due to the significant and sudden change in air pressure. If not for the Red Wuhan Flu, I would be jumping today. COVID and Long COVID have likely cured my skydiving addiction.

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That’s just it. I didn’t do either of those things. I didn’t blast my eardrums with my stereo either, unlike my brother. There were many nights I was in bed in my room, my brother was in bed 20 feet away in his room with his headphones on, and I could clearly hear Molly Hatchet or .38 Special blasting through his headphones.

The loudest thing I did routinely as a kid was attend Henderson-Ouachita basketball games, which were always overflow crowds (the fire marshal would have had kittens) and always raucous. But that was two or three nights a year.

My dad used to watch old westerns with the sound blasting through Bose speakers at full volume. I could not get out of that house fast enough when he would do that. The wierd thing was, you could have a conversation with him without having to yell to be heard. I would have welcomed hearing loss during that time of my life.

At least they are cheap… lol.

Same thing here, hearing is really bad especially in my left ear. Bought hearing aids at least 10 years ago and hated them because of the the background noise. . . . glad to hear they are better because my wife and boss are going to kill me if I don’t go get new ones soon.

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