Another Sam Pittman Comment…

He gets it and will keep us relevant with a decent record because…he knows this is a line of scrimmage game and about speed. He’s proven he knows what legit SEC lineman look like and knows how to develop them(especially OL). He’s recruiting “big people” as he’s said before. He’s also adding solid speed across the roster, along with good RBs.

It appears he’s trying to recruit depth at DL, which every SEC program is trying to do. This is the piece that we’ve lacked in since joining the SEC…consistently fielding a solid SEC DL with depth. We’ve had some good players, but not enough to hold up through an entire season or seasons to stay relevant in the SEC.

The other BIG item in culture…Sam is building a belief mindset amongst these players that they can stand toe to toe with Bama and elites, just by working hard and letting the process bear fruit. He’s finding kids who are blue collar and bring a lunch pale attitude to the field house. Whether it’s a football team,running a company or medical clinic, culture matters.


I was told during meetings at Georgia, Kirby Smart always focused on DL recruiting. That’s what separates the good teams from the great ones.

I may be wrong but I think the 3 man DL is hurting us getting DT.4 man front would allow for 2 DT to get playing time instead of just one in the 3 man front.

I don’t think a high school player cares what front is being played. What they are told us that if they have enough, they will play four. So a high school player would get the picture that there is a depth shortage and it would be easier to play. And it is.

Well hopefully we will get enough to play 4 consistently.

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