Another really interesting big hit's the portal

KJ Williams from Murray State.

6-10, OVC player of the year.

Probably too similar to JWill but intriguing.

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Believe he is a PF so that works just fine if you ask me……happily take him. Thanks for the post.

I wonder if these Racer transfers are following their coach? At least five have entered the portal thus far.

If they go to LSU, they might as well forget about playing in The Dance.

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Hard not to feel sorry for the Murray State fans. If you are a fan of a smaller school you can count on nothing past the current season. And it is doing nothing but getting worse for them. And those school’s new coaches are up against it.
There is something unhealthy about it


We could get a team together from this board and beat LSU…they have lost four starters (including Pinson) and every recruit in the next two classes (two Five Stars among them).

Their last checks bounced

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Averaged 18 pts and 8 rebounds and is a solid 6’10" Big. I think the two Williams could play some nice string music.

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