Another post I'm awaiting approval on

I believe I’ve figured it out and it is ridiculous if that’s what’s awaiting approval. The only commonality with my prior post was the “corporate name of the owners” of this website. Does that require someone approving the post?

I do see that the post was approved. I’d still like to know why it was awaiting approval. Thanks

Was wondering the same the past 2 days.
One of them was one sentence post had to await approval. Once approved it showed up twice.
I thought mods did the approvals.

I didn’t see the need-approval posts by either of you. If I had, I could tell you why your post needed approval. It is usually because of a word on the banned list.

@jimbeau77 can you point me to the particular post that needed approval?

Mine was the first post of the long thread just a couple threads down from this one, “A couple of questions on the management/ownership changes”. Matt responded and said he didn’t know why it was waiting for approval. I may have figured it out. In both my posts awaiting approval, I spelled out the name of the company that owns Whole hog sports/HI and it is also the name of a political party on the left. That same word is also spelled out in my other post waiting for approval. You may have set up the names of the 2 political parties as banned words.?

Democrats and democratic are both on the “banned” list. If they are in a post, then the post requires approval. I think this post will be allowed since I am a mod.

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That’s actually pretty funny, since it’s also the name of the company that owns this. I’ve noticed over the years, a few posts about the paper using Dem Gazette or Dem/Gaz or similar. Perhaps they’ve been caught in a post awaiting approval.

Because we had all the problems regarding political arguments on our board in 2020, we put into place a list of watched words that required approval before they hit the site. We did this because posts would be made late at night and it might be several hours before a moderator would see the thread, which by that point had gotten out of hand and typically just deleted. There have been only a few instances when watched words were not allowed to be published once the post was reviewed.

Several of the watched words included politicians’ names and political parties, because that is what started most of the issues. After looking into it, one of those was Democrat, which is why your posts were being flagged yesterday. I removed that word because it is in our company name.

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What’s even more funny is that your quote of my post required approval. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yeah, as soon as I hit send on my response to you it went into needing approval. I needed a good laugh today. :laughing:

Got approved quite quickly Marty. Just caught me off guard that it said waiting on approval initially.

My guess would be they may both soon be banned. :grinning:

Deservedly so!

I was referring to dumocrat/gazette.

Now watch it get banned.:smile:

Cognitive dissonance is generally only experienced by sane people. So, I guess that helps some folks make it from week to weak.
In other matters, I am very concerned about this upcoming series against LSU. This may well prove to be the pivotal point for our Hogs in their pursuit of Omaha.

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