Another positive....

Using up their bullpen…

Yes indeed!

The ESPN announcers are really touting the SC starting pitcher tomorrow. I suppose that’s to be expected, but it still worries me. Hope we can get to him early. Since it’s a do or die game for them, they won’t be holding anything back for Monday.

Beat them and send them home. I don’t want to see a game 3!
The announcers also talked about how great attendance is in the SEC at Ole Miss,
LSU and Mississippi State and didn’t mention Arkansas. Go figure.

I noticed that, too. What a strange omission, especially when they were looking at nearly 12,000 in attendance tonight.

I thought they mentioned those other schools in context of general commentary about the Arkansas’ crowd. Maybe I didn’t hear it correctly.

That’s the way I heard it. I think they were talking about how great the crowd was and mentioned other SEC venues that are comparable.

I got the same feeling about the crowd comparison. i think they touted the hogs pretty good.