Another Pick Six for Devo

To close out a win. In my mind, he is the best DB in the SEC!


Man, do I love this kid! He is a true difference maker. Tremendous court savvy, endless energy and huge heart !!


He still has one or two out of control freshman boo boos most games but the last four or five weeks has been making more plays on both ends to offset those.

Devo was tremendous in this game. He sat for a total of 1 minute in the entire game. He also made some huge 12-16 foot jumpers in that 2nd half. 12 points - 6 boards, 5 assists and 2 steals. Yes he made a couple too many TOs, but when he’s doing everything else well, you can overlook that.

I say whip it. Whip it good. Love Devo.

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Exciting player with great potential. Needs to cut down on turnovers.

He’s a DB. He creates turnovers!

He will. His upside is incredibly high. He might go down as one of the best Hogs of all-time.

Phenomenal player, a blast to watch on defense and offense. He will pick their pocket in a blur of half a second.

Last night was proof he is going 100% till the final buzzer. Game was in hand but he still looking for and getting the steal and dunk.

Almost like he wants to stay out there and keep playing when the game is over. Have to drag him off the court.

Deco gives everything he has and plays from the opening tip until the final buzzer! With each game he reminds me more and more of plays that Moncrief made. His mid range shot is sweet just like Moncrief too!

Deco? Are you referring to Arthur Deco from South Beach who plays for the Savannah College of Art and Design? Sorry for the SA response Army. Your typos are just too fun not to play with. Btw, I also see a lot of Sir Sid in young Mr. Davis.

Sid played a little more under control, but they are certainly similarities. He has a chance to get there, and for certain, he is giving all he has. It must drive players crazy to have him guarding you.

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