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Kid hits a homer with one hand. Because that’s all he has.


It takes a lot of shoulder and core strength to pull that bat to that zone that quick was just one arm… Awesome

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In my glory days of playing tennis, I have played against guys serving at 120 mph and return their serve. It takes a quick hand and flexible wrist. I have a one handed backhand. I am wondering if I could have hit a baseball with one arm back then. Perhaps a fastball. Don’t know.

Swinging a bat and a tennis racket is totally different because the bats a whole lot heavier.

The kid acted like it wasn’t his first HR either. But that’s just incredible any way you look at it. Just to make contact.

Oh, I agree with that. I was just thinking I could hit a line drive, not home run.

I always thought my racket was 36 ounces.

I thought tennis players were taught to lock their wrists and not use them.

That’s how I was taught. Maybe that’s why I was no good and gave up the game :joy:

I am sure you had a nice looking game.

I keep my wrists locked in when I am hitting flat strokes and volleys and overheads. But hitting top spin forehands and backhands to find angles is where flexible wrists come in.

You are also hitting a tennis ball with a surface which is many times larger than the surface of the ball

A bat’s diameter is essentially the same as the ball. And it’s a curved surface.

Of course. My point was the eye hand coordination, fast hands and wrists it takes to hit a tennis ball coming at you at a high speed may have some application.

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