Another OM/So Miss weather delay

The delay is due to nearby lightning. Announcers said several more storms looming on satellite headed towards Oxford. Well, so much for our game starting on time on ESPN2 tonight.

Looking at our weather radar doesn’t look sporty for us either. Starting at 4pm would have been better but still a short window.

Yeah won’t start on ESPN2 probably

One good thing for Fayetteville though, according to accu-weather, is there are no storms or lightning in the forecast tonight. And only a 15-20% chance of rain through 11 PM.

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Weather channel also looks favorable says 12-15% chance all night and they were right about last night so we will see.

It was just reported on ESPN2 that they are getting ready to resume play in Oxford.

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Yeah, it looks like we’ll be able to play tonight.

That Elco can hit the ball!

Between rain delays, Ole Miss getting their mojo on. Just hit a grand slam and now up 9-0 in the second. Looks like their home field loss last night lit a fire.

we need to have that happen for us.

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Here comes Nick-Wit in to save the day for Ole Miss!

Didn’t he pitch in their game last night?

So Miss has pulled it to striking distance 12-7. Could get interesting as Ole Miss looks to have depleted pitchers, putting in pitchers from yesterday’s game.

They brought him in to get a bases loaded third out. He did.

He’s still out there and just gave up back-to-back HRs. 12-9 now.

Love it!!
Come on S. Miss!

My bad, announcers said he threw Saturday, but had 119 pitches. Nearing 30 now.

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