Another oldie from the archives

After watching the video posted by SwineFusion, I browsed through a few more of those from warmachine2013. The video from the '64 texass game is mostly silent, but it has a few segments that have audio. I was able to figure out the teams by looking at the helmets. White = texass, red = Arkansas. Any questions?

Then I watched the Nebraska vs Arkansas game from the 1965 Cotton Bowl. It’s fun to watch.

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Those are the Hogs I remember. Great tackling, blocking and effort. Must have been well coached!


Yep, I watched some of those last night. Marveled at how they played together, blocked and tackled. I think I read some where that they had a pretty fair head coach and staff. Can’t recall his name

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After watching videos from YouTube, I think I just might need to watch a couple of DVDs. I have 22 Straight and Frank Broyles 50 Year Tribute.

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