Another official visitor

Former George Mason guard Jaire Grayer will arrive on Sunday.

Hmmmm…RD do you think this correlates with the Moss visit or was this already planned as well? Guess this may have been the guy you were talking about?

Thanks you sir

This was in the works. I heard there might be more than two coming this weekend.

Richard, have you heard anything on Moss’s visit?

It’s getting fun now! :smiley:

If we were to go 3 for 3 then someone else would have to go. It could be the first 2 commit between Moss and Grayer. Interesting.

Mr. Moss seems to be liking the way he looks in a Hog uni if his Instagram has anything to say about it.

I wished he would commit.

Hoping for good news on Moss!!!

From Richard’s article today, Grayer has to apply for a waiver before he gets a 5th year of eligibility. I wonder since Muss has brought him in for an OV, they are confident he will get the waiver.

He arrives at three today. His parents will accompany him.