Another Note on Broncos v Chargers

I have already noted how good Hunter Henry is doing and what a good Pro he already is.

Perhaps also of passing interest here, was the Defensive coaching. As you may have seen, the Dcord. , Wade Phillips, was knocked out and wheeled off the field (he seems to be OK today). To fill in for him, up stepped Pink Jersey Reggie. I did not even know he was on the Denver Staff. He is the LB coach, and D Cord for the rest of the game yesterday. Defense played great while he was running things. I could not tell any differences. Applied a whole lot of pressure. Of course, I think that comes back to the Jimmy and Joes deal. Lot of excellent players on that defense. He certainly did not need any pink jerseys with that group.

Denver offense is another story. Their Oline can not block at all, but unlike the Hogs, they have a defense to fall back on.

Reggie Herring has been with Wade Phillips eight of the past nine seasons in Dallas, Houston and Denver. If anyone knows that defense well enough to step in and make the calls, it’s him.

Stuff like that might get Reggie a higher paying job in the NFL. Obviously is a good coach.

Maybe a good coach but for a lot of reasons I don’t care much for him as a man.