Another no show for softball team

No runs NO HITS! thru 6 innings.
Delce pulled in b6th after another walk and no outs.
Team is struggling.

Agree they are struggling but Johnson and Gammill had 1 hit each. 2 hits for the game. Johnson had a single to lead off the game and Gammill’s hit was in the 4th. Kind of hard to get no-hit with a lead-off single.

I’ll have to ask Patrick, but I think Montana will graduate someday. She’s been there, like, ten years.

Actual, I was surprised that she was pitching. I had thought she left last year. She’s really good.

My bad! I was looking at a stat sheet on a web site , just before the 6th inning, and I thought sure it had no runs and no hits. Must have read it wrong.
Thanks for the correction though.

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