Another new topic. If Auburn eventually ends up in the SEC east..

When might that occur and then who would replace them in the west? I’m thinking Missouri which will then mean we’ll have to find another east permanent game, who do you think that would be?

Mizzou needs to be in the west and one of the Alabama teams need to be in the east.

It’s pretty uneven right now, and I don’t see a resurgence of Tennessee, anytime soon if ever.

It also may be that Auburn moves to the East as part of an SEC expansion to 16 teams, possibly Mobilehoma and Okie Lite once the Little Dozen implodes. In that case, the Okie schools and Misery would be in the West, Auburn and Bummer would be in the East. And there might not be a permanent rival because you’d play 7 games in your division and rotate through the other division for the other game. It would take a change to a 9-game SEC schedule to keep a permanent rival setup. No idea who it would be. Maybe Tennessee, since they would lose Bama as their permanent rival.

But if there is division change without expansion, clearly you would expect Misery to be moved into the West. Our permanent rival might still be Tennessee, since obviously Bama and Auburn would continue to play.

Oh heck Swine, I was hoping for our permanent opponent to be Vandy, since we are the Vandy of the west…

The Rebnecks enjoy that cushy assignment and aren’t going to give it up unless they somehow get moved to the East.

Hey Swine, in your 16 team SEC scenario, I’m fine with OU and OSU, but it would weaken the west and the east would be loaded. What would happen with the University of Texas at Austin? Pac 12.

Texas would probably take after Notee Dame and just be independent.

They want to be in the Pac-12, and almost went there a few years back, but Pac-12 doesn’t want them. I figure they’d go as an independent for a while.