Another NBA Mock draft

Of the 58 possible draft slots, that has Jaylin going to Portland at #57. That is dangerously close to not drafted. I also suspect that too low.

Still I also realize most mock drafts are not worth wiping up your back side with them. I hope JWill prospers, but I also hope he doesn’t end up getting bad info and ends up undrafted. Though I suspect he’d make the G-League and still make money and then hop to the NBA.

Many say he could really improve his status next year if he comes back with more talent around him. And yes that is true. It also stands to reason that he would improve in the G-League even more as then its 24/7 basketball with even more talent around him without any of the restrictions of only so much practice and going to classes.

As a fan I’d love to see him come back, but I realize when the brass ring makes an appearance, you gotta grab it with both hands and hang on, because you never know what will happen tomorrow and it might not come back around. Strange things could happen.

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I’ve felt it a forgone conclusion he’s gone for weeks now.

If he’s that low, I wonder if maybe he does come back to improve skills further.

Selfishly we all want him back but tough choices when you can make the league.

So what’s up with all the hype about JWill impressing at the combine with high energy and great interviews then.
They just falling back on some indifferent measurables-only 6’ 8-3/4” w/o shoes, smaller hands, 26” standing vertical, slower 3/4 court sprint, few others.

These negatives seem like things that would be real hard to improve with one more year in college. This is why people have been saying this year is his best opportunity to be drafted with a deep class of big men next year. I guess he said in an interview that he’s only staying in the draft if he gets a guarantee from a team? So I’m assuming he got one. Even if it’s the last pick of the draft I don’t blame him for taking a shot

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