Another NBA landmark for Joe Johnson

In the final regular season game, Joe became the 13th player in NBA history to have 20,000+ points, 5,000+ rebounds and 5,000+ assists. Filling up the stat sheets, something Joe has been doing since Junior High.

Was he the first bball hog to go early? Definitely a great decision for him!

I believe he was the first one.

He sure has had a great career so far! I wonder how many more years he will play?

Joe may have been the first to go after his sophomore year, but Corliss, Scotty, and then Darnell Robinson all left after their junior seasons.

Wow! Memory is getting weaker by the day. I guess I just blocked that fact out. Thanks for the correction,

Wow exactly. I knew Corliss and Scotty left early also, but to be honest, when posting that question guess I was thinking JJ preceded them in his hog playing days.

Congratulations, Joe, on a superb career. You are the smoothest.

What’s so unique about Joe is he increased his scoring average at every level of competition. Most players have their best scoring average in high school then it decreases at the college level and even declines further in the NBA. Joe’s average got better as he climbed through the ranks and at the height of his NBA career was higher than either high school or college. Great Hog with a fabulous NBA legacy.


Is there any other Hog with a NBA career more successful than Joe?


In pure numbers, no one has been not even close tonJoe. But as far as all-star teams and all-NBA teams, Sidney Moncrief has had a better career and probably Alvin Robertson.

We really only had Joe for a year and a half. If I remember correctly he wasn’t eligible his first semester and started playing the second semester. Wish we could have had him for 4 years but I am proud of his pro career. Another great basketball player who came from a Little Rock high school.