Another Muss Podcast

Here’s a podcast Coach Muss did with Game 7: The Sports, Business & Lifestyle Podcast - Michael Elkins. This is actually a business/leadership podcast. Coach Muss is really an open book and is a fascinating person. … 1423695033

He also called Barstool Radio during one of the live shows to discuss the pictures they’ve been doing with recruits. He turned a potentially negative take into a positive. He really knows how to promote. I hope this translates into good recruiting and winning basketball. Here’s a link to Muss’ twitter page if you’re interested.

I’m 61 years old. My 24 year old son kept sharing things with me that he was learning on twitter, so I signed up for twitter. You can choose who you follow so it’s easy to limit what you see. Following Muss has made twitter worthwhile to me.