Another Lakers-Celtics finals around the corner?

It is highly likely that Celtics and Lakers meet in the NBA finals. Wouldn’t that what sports world exactly needs after suspension of sports due to the pandemic?

Not a Celtics fan, but I love how this team is put together. They had all the young horses but replacing Kyrie Irving with Kamba Walker has proven to be a master move. I thought losing Hayward will hurt them but Celtics look even more fluid without Hayward.

And Celtics just know how to draft, Jayson Tatum is special. I still think Celtics pick Isaiah at #30. As if they need another shooter!

Think Dudley is going to enjoy September.

Highly likely? Boston has to win three more against Toronto (which is only the defending champion) and four against the Bucks, which had the best record all season. One blowout win in Game One means very little.

Lakers don’t have a cakewalk either, by the way. The Rockets, assuming they finish off OKC, won the season series with LA. Clippers and Lakers split 2-2. LA did sweep the Jazz, but Utah would have to knock off the Clips to get to LAL.

Of course it is my eye test but backed up by results.

It is just not the playoffs, but Boston has looked solid in the bubble even before the playoffs began. Toronto has only 2 losses in the bubble and both to Boston.

Lakers just look awesome when AD and LBJ are on and LBJ seems to turn it on when needed.

Again, I know the game is played on the court, so anything can happen. And I know teams that got blown out in the first game have been known to sweep the next four. That is beauty of sports and that is why we watch.

Hate the Celtics
Love Kemba
Hope he gets his ring

My Celtics play well against the Raptors, not as well against the Bucks.

I think the Bucks and Lakers have to be the two favorites.

But I wouldn’t be stunned if its the Celtics vs. the Clippers.

I was fixing to say the same thing. Just not feeling the Lakers this year (or should I say since they resumed the season).

I wouldn’t be surprised if any if the four Bucks, Celtics, Clippers or Lakers make the finals.

Lakers have not looked good in the bubble and Portland is weak, but I am counting on LBJ willing them. Into the finals.

I am seeing some weaknesses with Clippers. I think if adversity hits, PG13 could buckle.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I would pull for the hated Boston Keltics over the Lakers of today. I have thought the only reason the NBA finished this joke of a season was so Chrysler LaBaron James could have a chance to win another title before he retired. Go Keltics! How about that, Dudley?

We (Miami Heat) have been a thorn in the Bucks side this past season even before the virus hit because we match up perfectly well against them.

They may very well beat us in a 7 game series…but they will have to play us at least 6 games to do it.

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I still think the Clippers will win. They have two great players and Lou Williams coming of the bench. They also have at least three thugs which always helps.

My son told me the day we were posting about this, he thought the Heat vs the winner of the Houston/OKC series.

I kind of laughed, but after watching this week, I think he maybe close. The Heat look like the real deal right now, and the Nuggets showed some weakness in the Clips.

I’m thinking the Celtics let the Raptors off the hook in game 3 and Toronto will now win that series. But Miami may indeed come out of the East, unless the Bucks get off the mat starting today. The West? Who knows?

From a Spurs fan I hope Celtics win it all! Good luck Duds!

My Miami Heat don’t have the playoff experience with 3 rookies being MAJOR contributors to win it all.

Next season with a added veteran superstar + the maturation of our young squad we will be lethal even to a KD & Kyrie duel.

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