Another Jake Heinrich tidbit

A guy that lives near Urbandale high school remembers seeing Jake at the school pretty much every day during the summer before the start of his freshman year. He said Jake was often by himself running the stadium bleachers, doing footwork drills and working on the sled.

He told his son at the time he would bet on Jake being a D-I football player some day. Good call on his part.

Sounds like the kid knew what he wanted early, worked hard for it and has achieved that goal. Bet he keeps working hard and has set some goals even higher.
Glad he chose the Razorbacks to help him achieve that.
He is the type of Uncommon Player that will be a great Hog.

Richard, was there ever any reason given as to why the in-state school did not offer him ?

Sounds like Jake may be another Peyton Hillis.

Iowa State offered but Iowa didn’t. Really can’t say why they didn’t offer.