Another horrific loss

And like so many others, it points right back to coaching. I thought maybe CBB might earn a shot at fixing this. I know it’s going to be tough competing for top coaches given all the other jobs, but he chose an inferior O Line coach and has admitted to not recruiting the right kinds of linemen. Sorry Bret - see you later.

Have to admire your self restraint, waited a full five minutes before posting. My God, is this really necessary?

Well at least AA hasn’t got blamed. YET. Pretty sure it’s going to happen though.

CBB should resign today after his horrible decisions made in this game. Fix what? Excuse after excuse. Time to get his rear end gone. It will hurt this recruiting class.
Might as well do it today.
AA is playing with a dead arm! He has not hit the deep ball period and I’m glad he has 1 game left. I’m looking forward to a QB not named Allen under center.
The Allen boys are tough but it is just time.

I agree. When Bielema dropped that walk-in pick six to go up 2 TDs late in the game he killed them. Same when his 5th year senior QB played awful (again).

I didn’t like the 4th down play call at all. But, if he hadn’t gone for it and Msu marched down and scored l, the same people complaining that he went for it would be ripping him.

CBB just made some really, really bad decisions that caused our loss. What was in the post that was not true? We are frustrated. I’m sure CBB is also frustrated. And he’ll be paid a handsome amount not to coach. The train wreck gets worse.

I wish Coach the best. He is a good man. Just didn’t work out here.

Today the hogs were out coached, not out played.

Thenplayers gave great effort all 4Qs. I was happy to see that.

Unfortunately some really bad coaching decisions cost the game. Brets a good man, we all think so, but I agree, his time is done and has been for some time now. Enos may have put the final nail in this one, his play calling is just truly not good.

I do not think Bret coaches next week. Sad for those Seniors, surly we all agree on that, but it’s time.

tough loss
team played hard

likely they are playing for coach today

i expect this is his last game

Keith…please let us know when we cross the threshold of a “necessary” Post. For the record, this is my first of a very trying year. I think the threshold was more than achieved.

What decisions are you talking about?

Please explain what was wrong with that game.
They played the 16th ranked team to the wire with both hands tied behind his back.
Oh and then loses 2 more OL, 2 WR 1 safety DURING The game.
Wait and the starting QB ankle taped up like a basketball

Just stop with the BS and really open your eyes on what they have lost to just injuries.

Wait here you go,

AA was so bad he played on 1 ankle and still tried his butt off.
What was he thinking giving the UA all he had!!

Im proud of the who;e team including CBB
going to a gun fight with no bullets left in the gun

We were lucky to even have a chance to win!

It’s pointless to defend the coaching - other than Enos, the whole lot could be gone next year. I think Coach Enos might be our best bet for our next HC. The decision to go on 4th down was ridiculous - and the execution was terrible on the play. Injuries happen to every team, but we haven’t recruited enough depth to survive them. Our O line has been awful for most of the last 13 games against Power 5 teams. He tried to bring Big 10 power football to the SEC…but that experiment has failed, and he will not return. I think he’s one hell of a good guy and mentor, but he’s not getting it done…the stats and record overwhelmingly bear that out.

I assume that Enos called the set, not CBB. That being said I am sure coaching change coming. I concur there were significant injuries that have impacted on the season. Austin Allen is a warrior and I would not put this loss on his shoulders. The o line hasn’t got it done for two years now and he has taken a whipping. I should clarifying am not a hater of CBB.

No question that Enos called the play - but Bielema made the decision to go for it…not Enos.

Can you honestly say that if he had punted and Msu went down and scored as so many teams have in that spot you wouldn’t have griped about him playing not to lose?

Seriously. Are you telling me that if he had punted and they had gone down for a FG (as they probably would have) you would have said it was the right decision?

I don’t think so at all.

You do what you can to raise the odds - but CBB was pushing all-in with the short stack…and has been doing so for a really long time…too long. So it’s pointless to debate his decisions at this point because someone new will be making them very soon.

You are right that it’s pointless to debate. It’s over and should be over. I just think the “gripe about literally every decision” mentality is tiresome.

He hasn’t really been pushing all in for quite awhile. That has been a big part of the problem. He has been ultra conservative and played for close games with a team with a bad defense and shaky special teams.

I was glad he went for it. That was likely their best chance to win. They should have called a better play on 3rd and 4th down but the decision to go for it is being slammed by the same people who constantly complain about him not being aggressive enough in key spots.

Turn out the lights. The party is over. Warm up the Gus Bus.