Another Head Coaching position opens up

Although it would seem doubtful it would be of any concern to us, regarding Muss

Lon Kruger is retiring at OU

Got to give it to OU. Their coaches don’t seem to get fired as often as other schools. They retire. Stoops retires and picks his successor (who did very well). Wonder if Kruger will have an assistant in mind for them to hire?

The Athletic has already come out with a list of potential replacements. Paul Mills, 127 miles up the Turner Turnpike from OU at ORU, is on the list. So is Mark Turgeon, former Kansas point guard and current coach. And two current SEC coaches, Mark Crean and Frank Martin, both of whom have worked in the Midwest before. McCasland at North Texas is listed. And, of course, Porter Moser, who will be on all these lists until he takes a job or says no thanks. Seth Davis thinks Turgeon may be the guy.

Davis also thinks we’ll cover the spread against ORU, which since we’re favored, means we’ll win. He also picked us against TTech after the Colgate error. He likes that Muss has put JWill in the lineup, and notes we beat TT without hitting a lot of threes or making a single steal, which means we can play even better.

You mean Tom Crean, right?
I don’t know of a Mark

Yup. Too much stuff going on at once around Casa SF…

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