Another good series win. WPS‼️

Finally got the bats going!
Let’s just keep it going!

Interesting week at Baum coming up. The Fightin’ Fallopians and the Jellycats. EOE was ranked this week but got swept at home this weekend by Stanford. UK is top 10 and now 14-3 after losing to Texas Tech today. UK’s schedule was a little iffy before the Tech series (which they won 2-1) but they can definitely hit.

Texas won 1 of 4 against Stanford.

Ah, so they did. Missed the Thursday game on the schedule. EOE lost the last three.

I have an old (ancient) button with a Hog on it that says BEAT TEXAS.

And I still have my two foam fingers from the Texas Bowl. All I have to do is to put them together and upside down for an impressive UnHookEm sign.

My Texas game week wearables are a little less child friendly or politically
correct, than most peoples. Still I use to wear it to all the Texas games.

I had this hat that had a Longhorn bent over with a Razorback standing
behind it with a big old slogan “Tuck Fexas”. I loved it, but then I’m from
the generation that my hatred of Texas runs deep and wide! Even today
I get a warm fuzzy feeling to see then lose at anything or to beat them
like an ugly step-child!

My only sadness when we beat their baseball team will be that Soggy
Burrito will not be there to feel the beat down.


My mind has been filled with all the inappropriate songs we use to sing about Texas in the days leading up a game, no matter the sport. I just may break out in song at the game tomorrow, and it won’t be “Take me out to the ball game”!

I got a long sleeved T-shirt that was given to me with a downward 'Horns sign. It’s classic. It’s dry fit material, which I can’t wear. Just don’t have the right body for it. But this is a cool shirt.

I don’t have any anti-Texas clothes that still fit. Well, I don’t have any Razorback clothing from that era that fits me, either—unless maybe it’s an old cap.

I have a rather old button that I’ve pinned to my hat.
I also have two red foam fingers that were given at the Texas Bowl. You put the two of them together, hold them upside down and they make a great “unhookem” sign.