Another good, important, win last night

It was a game we should have won, and we did. Those games are critical!

If we can win at Auburn, the UF game is just a “free shot” in my opinion.

AU scares me. At least the game isn’t SR day. They are a young team with little inside presence that makes a living on the perimeter. IF they get hot it could be tough in AU. If we get past AU with a win, then we are looking good in spite of UF on the road and UGA in BWA.

As far as tournament time, This team is shaping up to be diverse enough to handle many teams in SEC and NCAAA tourneys. They can use zone and then man if they go up against weaker guards. We can go big if we need to with Moses and Trey at the same time. Our half court offense is not good unless Trey is in with Moses and creating assists. I would add that the Moses and Trey combo is fairly new and still improving, so the half court offense will only get better. MA has gotten away from total reliance upon trapping while using more zone. The reduced use of trapping has been the big change.

That is certainly true, but when I have watched Auburn this year I have seen lots of Chiefs and not many Indians.

It seems at times that they all want to get their points and that works against them at times.

They are certainly talented, but wildly inconsistent.

Their win over LSU ended a three-game losing streak that included losses at Ole Miss, at home to Florida and at Texas A&M.