Another Dudley Update

I visited with Dudley today. He’s been to see several in his team of doctors in the last couple of days. All the reports are that he is ahead of schedule from his series of strokes a couple of months back. All signs point to a return around Aug. 1. He’s excited also about his continued loss of weight. He bemoaned the fact that a topic of our mid day radio show was a steak marinade. He isn’t getting any steaks these days. Lots of rice and chicken mixtures. I figure the next time I see him he’s going to need a new wardrobe of Cardinal/Cowboy/Celtic gear in much smaller sizes.


I’m glad DD is continuing to get better!

What’s the prognosis on his hearing and vision issues?

Great news… thanks for the update…

I do not know the prognosis for the right side issues.

Thanks for the update. Dudley is family around here. Continued prays for Dudley and Petra!

Good news. Our happy warrior motors on.

Looking forward to seeing Dudley back on the court when this virus decides to go home. Get well, I really don’t think we do this without you!

Great news thanks Clay.
Dudley’s old larger size Cowboy Wardrobe could be available as hand me downs soon?

Same recipe as for combatting Covid-19 dangers. Wishing Duds the best.


Coming off the IR soon baby!!


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