Another Domino maybe about to fall!

We just saw the Ivy League shoot that first real shot across the bow of college football it looks like the BIG10 Maybe up to something as well… While its not cancelling the season… its certainly going to change the mix.

All Fall Sports… I guess that would include not just football but basketball as well… would they decline March Madness if it is played? Or in football a bowl game against a non conference opponent.

I’ve long had a thought that conferences might go to conference-only schedules this year, including the SEC, assuming football is played at all. It cuts down on the number of influencers in how games are played. Every conference is going to have its own protocol to follow, and I doubt they will be uniform from one league to the next.


If this is true, the ramifications are HUGE across the entire NCAA landscape. A tidal wave effecting tens of thousands of athletes, coaches, administrators, etc…

The financial impact on the smaller schools is going to be devastating if any of the Power Five ($$$) conferences move to a conference only schedule. The smaller schools will be losing their $$$$ paychecks which supports not just their football program but also their entire athletic budget.



Wow, probably 2 Ws are now off the board

Basketball is not considered a fall sport. It would not be affected. Yet. This would cover women’s volleyball, cross country, soccer, field hockey and water polo, as well as football.

Ohio State has all those sports except water polo, so at least that Big Ten school would be affected by most of these.

Some interesting updates today from Missouri AD Jim Sterk:

And, wow, a chance we go winless. Hopefully we will be much improved from the last couple of years.

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