Another Big12 stumble may be in the works

Currently watching Coastal Carolina putting up a 14 to zip lead on Kansas. Granted its still got about 1:30 minutes left in the 1st quarter so a lot of football left, but CC seems to be running at will on them and thats never good, especially when your giving them turnovers as well.

It’s worth noting that Hunter Yurachek had a role in the evolution of Coastal Carolina’s program. As the AD he fired a tenured, somewhat-successful coach in 2011 and made a pretty daring hire in Joe Moglia. Moglia went 56-22 in six years - four in FCS and two in FBS.

Moglia retired a couple of years ago and the head coach now was one of his coordinators.

I believe Kansas was without their best RB, WR, and at least 5 OL.

even worse, Jimbeau, they were WITH their AD.




The headline of an article in The Athletic: Mandel’s Final Thoughts: A glorious day for football, an embarrassing night for Les