Another big to keep an eye on

Ivan Aurrecoechea, 6-8, 240 of Indian Hills in Iowa.

I hope he’s broad-shouldered or we won’t be able to get all that on the back of his jersey.

In no way, am I saying Arkansas will go forward with him right now. Just saying he’s one to watch.

Might have to do what Cougar High did with Olajuwon back in the Phi Slamma Jamma days. They just put “Akeem” on his back (the H was added later in his pro career).

But you’re right. I remember walking behind Corliss in the tunnel after my first BWA game in 1994 and thinking how broad his back was. And he needed that to get “Williamson” across his back with the size lettering we were using for uni names that season. It’s gotten smaller since then. If we were still using the same uni name letters we used in the MayDay era, no way 10 letters fits.

Like him. Dunks everything.

Kid has a lot of nice little moves and good first step quickness to get around the defender. The first thought I had was he looked like a perfect fit for Loyola. Not a knock on the kid at all, but those small little things combined with surprising athletic ability reminded me of the guys on that team.

Guy would be a good low post scorer, those moves will work any where and he’s got adequate size. But can he defend/run the floor well enough?

I’ve been looking at JUCO rankings. This kid is the #10 player in the 2018 Top 100 rankings.

Mason Jones was on the 2019 watch list. I haven’t seen Cooper listed yet. If AR goes forward with this kid, it’ll be interesting


Since you brought it up, is Arkansas showing interest in this young man? If so, is there any known interest on his part with Arkansas? I like what I saw in his video.

They know about him but that’s all at this point. The kid would be interested if contact was made.

I like him better than the chicago prospect

For what reasons?

I don’t know who is better, but I know one has three years and the other one two.

I know that one seems more of a stretch 4 and the other one a power guy.

I know that I have never seen a bad highlight tape, but they all can’t be that good.

I know that one is supposedly 6-10 and the other 6-8.

I know the smaller one averaged more points and more rebounds at a Division I juco as opposed to a Division II one.

I know one helped lead his team to 33 straight wins only to lose in the national title game while the other’s team was 33-4 and won it all.

I know that one blocked 103 shots this past season and the other one blocked 9.

It’d be nice to have some significant production from the 4 spot, at both ends. The kid from Indian Hills is more proven. That rebounding average is really good. Rebounding trends to translate easily across divisions. Cooper may be a better long term prospect; the athletic tools and length are intriguing. Give me the one that can produce more now, though, and hope that we can continue recruiting better each year.

I think the game from Spain has the strength and rebounding power we need to contend with Tennessee and Texas A&M big men his body seems to be more mature we need some men as well those who have put in prior work in the weight room

I agree it’s his rebounding…I feel he better translates to the next level because of it and he seems more mature physically and we know he can score the kid averaged a double double against better competition

Avg points per 40 min 137.8, and he’s avg dang near a double double in 2.9 MPG. Wow, why are we just now looking at him? :roll: … oecheayldd

Edit: By the way Arlando Cook avgd 16 and 10 his SO year. He avgd 3 & 2 his JR year here.

How big of a difference is there in D1 Juco ball and D2? Guessing not near the gap there is from NCAA D1 to D2.

I looked this up, I could only find about baseball. This is what it said in regards to baseball. In JUCO the difference between D1 and D2 is the amount of scholarships. The level of play is about equal.

Richard or Dudley.

So Richard made the comment that we were likely to not get involved in Tory Miller-Stewart (I’m paraphrasing).

Is this still what you guys are hearing? Seems like a perfect fit with it being a proven big who would free up a scholarship for 2019. I also get why the Cooper kid is being looked at since he could in theory take over for Gafford next year.

Any other big men on the radar besides Cooper and Aurrecoechea.


I have a question for you Navy (well for most on here). Why is everyone wanting Miller-Stewart? Honestly, watching tapes, and looking at stats, he is a bigger version of Dustin Thomas. I am not excited at all about the prospect of him being a Hog. 6 PPG - 5 RPG at Colorado as a SR (Thomas 4 PPG - 3 RPG at CO as a SO, 5 PPG - 4 RPG at AR as a SR).

6 pts and 5 rbs a game in about 14-18 minutes a night backing up Gafford/getting some minutes at the 4 is about what the Dr ordered when you are recruiting this time of year. Plus he is off the books in 1 year.

Also I think he can give more than that if he is healthy.