Another big name named in Adidas trial

Little Billy Self. Asked for a $20k payment to a player.

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So will be interesting to see how Long proceeds on this situation, if the evidence is substantiated.

You may recall that JL got a clause in his contract that it was extended until the end of any probationary period if KU got into NCAA trouble over this. I think they assured him it was no big deal. Oops.

Looks like he may be there awhile.

Bill Self is just like Greseball and the NCAA won’t do anything to him. KU won’t do anything to him either. They will lawyer up and play the I don’t know nothing game and cast the blame elsewhere.
Long is pretty smart he is rich and will be fine no matter what happens.

On the other hand, lately if you just deny it, it seems to work So, Self should give it a try.

Yep, Coach K is denying any problem related to Zion Williamson whose hand was also out for “donations”.

It works in Washington, might as well. :roll: