Another Bielema Accomplishment....

After Auburn finishes this demolition Arkansas will be 0-4 in league play which has only happened 5 times since Arkansaa joined the SEC… and two of of the other times were also under Bielema. A majority of our 0-4 starts under the former Iowa pig farmer.

How much longer must the fans endure this incompetence?

Put a fork in him… CBB is done. I honestly don’t see how he survives this this season.

He flat out sucks. I need to see if Barry Alvarez can help me scam a program out of 25+ million!

Call him up, your verbal skills and aptitude will surely impress him.

Thanks! It obviously doesn’t take much, look at his protege.

And that’s why I think you’ve got a great chance sport! Cheers!

Per Bo Mattingly

Bielema now in danger of becoming the first Arkansas coach in the Hogs’ SEC era to lose five conference games by 30 or more points.

Another Bielema special !

It’s obvious that this staff has no clue! The defense ran out of gas! The special teams screw up was the start ! Fumble on a punt when your own players caused it ! I have never watched a team play so terrible.
There were some bright spots. Warren had the kick off return for a TD. We had 2 field goals makes .
This staff never made an adjustment to the outside blitz that was killing Kelley. No QB will survive this staff!

John L’s season looks better every game… smile.