Another Benny night

Three for five, a double, two RBIs including the game winner in the 13th, and he threw out a Phillies runner at the plate in the eighth inning or it probably never gets to extras for the game winning hit. (The winning hit bounced over the outfield wall and should have been a book-rule double, but because the winning run was on third, he was only given a single).

That little dude is a ballplayer. I try to watch him every chance I get. I am a Yankee fan, but I love to watch him play. He is a complete player…he is an excellent hitter who knows the strike zone, he is a very good left fielder learning to play the Green Monster, and he can run the bases. He has very high baseball IQ…he knows how to play the game. If it were not for Aaron Judge, Benintendi would be right there for rookie of the year. Judge is on pace to be rookie of the year and MVP, if he can stay healthy. He is an incredible athlete for his size.

It is nice to have New York and Boston back playing well…it is good for MLB.