Another bases loaded

opportunity…here’s hoping for better outcome than last several times we’ve gotten here!

So far against OSU, our best offense with bases loaded has been getting hit by the pitch.

Bases loaded on one hit.
We keep swinging and missing. They just don’t know what’s coming.

We keep squandering bases loaded opportunities. Unless our hitting improves we’re toast.

Terrible lost opportunity. I thought at first Bonfield had a hit & we’d tied it up, but…

At least we’re putting the barrel on the ball a bit better. Heston is still struggling, though. Maybe their BP will be vulnerable & Campbell can go longer than usual.

We know what’s coming just cant hit

I was hoping that wasn’t the case. That’s even worse!

Shaddy hit the ball well but fell just about 10 ft short. (I’m looking for anything to give me hope as the game progresses. Three runs is not insurmountable, but the momentum isn’t looking good.)

My expectations are on hold. Just going with the flow.
Current is moving very slow.

Yep…at this point would love to see some hit batsmen. In fact, maybe we need to start stepping into some pitches - with the body, cause it ain’t happenin with the bats. :slight_smile:

It has been a big problem all year. Heston’s at bat was crucial. He’s taking a lot of “get me over” strike ones and then struggling behind in the count. We really had to do something there.

yes, and it wasn’t the lower end of the lineup up there with less than 2 outs and ducks on the pond. HK is the guy you want, until lately unfortunately.