Another bad official call looms

An out of position lawyer or accountant throws a flag that may be the difference in the game.

Yep, in our favor. It was questionable whether Burks was held, but they made at least 2 calls that were extremely questionable against us.

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The biggest call against us was the PI at the goal line at the end of the first half. That unfortunately was correct. Went through the receiver to get to the ball.
And Burks was held.

I wasn’t sure until after the game that that was Jason Autrey in stripes, but it would have been crazy if there had been another call involving spiking the ball during the last Moo U drive.

Can swine explain the late call Alabama got against LSU? Alabama had the ball with two receivers to the right. The QB scrambled and threw to one of the two receivers that stayed back. The receiver didn’t try to catch it because he was not a legal receiver. They called grounding and loss of down. Why was the receiver not legal?

I didn’t watch the Bama game but possibly it was because he was on the line of scrimmage with someone else on the LOS outside him, which makes him ineligible.

We had a play like that. Warren Thompson was on the line, somebody else was on the line outside him, and they called Warren for ineligible man downfield. I noticed that when we were getting set before the snap so the flag didn’t surprise me at all.

Thanks. Alabama had three calls that went against them at the end of their 20-14 win over LSU. That doesn’t happen often.

This is not your classic Bama steamroller. They finished with SIX yards rushing. Total. I won’t be too surprised if Auburn beats them. Georgia will manhandle them unless they get their act together.

I see hope for us. Their safety messes up their coverages a lot. Burk time!

Can’t wait to see UGA steam roll them

That’s exactly what it was he was inside man in a twin set outside which made him ineligible

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Is that what they mean about the penalty for an ineligible receiver, when they say “he was covered up”? I’ve never understood exactly what that meant.

Yes when he’s inside like that he’s covered up and he’s ineligible

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Yep, Warren was covered up and apparently so was the Bama receiver.

Only ends and backs are eligible receivers. If a back lines up on the LOS at the end, the player who was on the end no longer is. He’s now “covered up”. If he steps back from the Los, he’s an eligible back—but of course there can only be 4 players in the backfield.

The risk of lots of motion is someone gets confused

Multiple formations too. Sometimes you put inside receiver on the LOS and outside receiver off the line, but if the outside guy screws up and lines up on the LOS, inside guy is covered up.

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LSU was able to get a pretty good pass rush most of the night. If we can"t Young might pick us apart,…Just hope KJ is on that night,…

LSU blitzed a lot and got results. I wonder what we will do on defense since we are not a blitzing team?

LSU and Bama have the talent on at corner to do that. As has been pointed out often the past few days. We have one pretty good corner and guys who try hard but are to slow on the other. If you blitz, you better get there and these guys have not been great at that either.

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