Another bad call by SEC umpires.

This time an Auburn baserunner called safe at second. Ole Miss challenged and no camera shot I saw showed the runner was out but it was reversed. On top of it the second baseman was blocking the bag! I have seen the obstruction of a base and home plate ignored by umpires a lot in the last few weeks.
This one was clearly safe by the replays I saw!

Definitely safe hard to believe what some of these people are looking at

It may not matter Auburn has come back and take. The lead. I thought they might reverse the call at home plate but they didn’t.

Funny. I called out in real-time, and felt the replays showed pretty clearly that he was out.

The runner sliding into 2d base was called safe on the field and there was nothing in any replay to dispute the call! Horrible.
The review on the play at home plate was closer.