Another Ark Div 1 player with unlimited range

While range of Isaiah Joe is well known and seen on live TV, there is another division one guard in Arkansas that has similar or better range. It is the 5-9 PG Marquis Nowell of UALR.

I have seen him regularly pull up in transition from 25 to 30 feet and swish it. Last night Marquis hit back to back transition threes, one from 30 feet and one from 35 feet. And minutes earlier, he had hit another 30 footer, which was a dagger three to snuff out Louisiana Monroe rally.

Incidentally, UALR clinched a tie for the Sunbelt title in Darrell Walker’s second year. They were a preseason 11th pick. UALR now has two key players eligible that did not play against Arkansas. They look like one of those dangerous mid-major NCAAT first round opponent,

Great for Darrell. I’ll always root for him when he’s not playing the Hogs. Plus my daughter and son in law graduated from UALR.

Excited for Darrell. Traded texts with him last night. He was happy about the win and a clinching a share, but was already game planning for Saturday.

You could see when UALR played the Hogs that Darrell had assembled a complete team with talent at every position. It was not an easy win for us at all. I think he had one or two even more talented players either injured or ineligible as well. I think Mr. Walker may be moving on up soon.

The crowd was much much bigger last night. Haven’t had to drive around the parking lot to find space since Chris Beard left. Last night I had to drive around.

Yes, their sharp shooting SG from Serbia and big man Bankston was missing along with another key player Evans when Hogs played UALR. Bankston and Evans are list for the season.

Hope Walker and the Trojans here their name called on selection Sunday.

They will have to win the Sunbelt tournament to get in. If they win Saturday to win Sunbelt regular season title outright, it guarantees a NIT bid. So at least some postseason.

Yes, I’m fully aware that they have to win their conference tournament.

Quick turnaround for Darrell. Very impressive. PJ do you think he will bolt for a better situation after this season, or will he stick around for awhile?

If you have any coaching ambition, UALR cannot be your final destination.

I would expect Darrell to move on pretty quickly. Great guy with plenty of contacts. Good coach too.

Bankston played against the Hogs

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