Anonymous coaches discuss UConn

This is from midseason but still appropriate. From The Athletic:

They really don’t have a guard who can break you down and make everybody else better. Tristen Newton has always been a scorer, so this is an adjustment for him. I wish I had an answer for you on Jordan Hawkins. He’s an NBA player. Run him off the line. Make him make tough 2s all day long. With Adama Sanogo you have to wall him up and push him off the sweet spot, make him take tough 2s. He’s a really good passer in the post. Donovan Clingan is huge, but if you can push him off the block, it’s easier to guard him. The weakness in their defense is they foul a lot, more than anybody in the Big East. Teams have had success attacking them off of ball reversals.


You can beat Muss has read this and has put his thoughts on how to play them as well as back up plans.
It should be a good game. I hope our hogs avoid fouling and get hit shooting the ball.

I seriously doubt if he’s read it but I suspect his own scouting report is very similar.

Agree on both points. In my humble opinion, Adama Sanogo is much closer to the real thing than the Oscar or anyone we played this year. Unfortunately, this game could be down to who has the fewest fouls and who is still on the floor in the last 5 minutes. If that occurs, UCONN’s bench gives evidence of topping ours. All speculation of course.

They foul a lot and are prone to breaking down with ball reversals? You mean there is hope?

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I am listening to NR now on 103.7 and he is optimistic seeing Arkansas peaking now as confidence builds as the team becomes “better and better and better.”

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