"Anoited Big Ten falls off throne quickly"

Wally brought up a good subject that national sports media likes to forget. I remember when they openly declared Big Tan as the best football conference. And I remember how they pushed to have Ohio State in the CFP. Ohio State now got embarrassed with a 31-0 loss to Clemson. The team that was deserving to be in the CFP, Penn State was left out. Once again media’s partiality resulted in selection of the wrong team to the national championship play-off. Another thing I noticed was Oklahoma appeared to me a team that should have been in the playoff. Washington did not belong either. Again, there is something wrong with the system. Always the Partialities is going to be there. To prevent deserving teams like Penn State or Oklahoma from being left out, is to expand the field to at least eight.

Did Penn State really deserve to be in the playoff? They blew a 14-point lead against a USC team that Alabama beat 52-6, and got absolutely hammered by Michigan (kinda like our Auburn performance). Yes, I know USC had a different/better QB in January than in September, but still USC had shortcomings and PSU couldn’t get the job done. Michigan loses its bowl. Wisconsin had to struggle to beat a MAC team, albeit a 13-0 MAC team. I’d argue that the Big Ten should have been left out entirely. And Oklahoma got crushed at home by that Ohio State team that proved it didn’t belong.

I fully agree that Big Ten should have been left out. They ended 3-7, at the near bottom. But the gurus got it wrong for not sending a hot team like PS. They represented their conference by far better. OKL. also looked a hot team as I saw their performance on TV. My main point is that we need to expand the field to 8, so those hot teams can compete and knock off a team like AL along the way, as we see in basketball NCAA.

Agree. And Arkansas, another Big 10 team, got it’s a** kicked repeatedly this year. Down year for the league, no doubt.

They don’t want the hot teams. They want the teams that earned it all season. There is a reason that all the one-loss teams got in and all the two-loss teams, including OU and PSU, didn’t. There is a widespread viewpoint, which I agree with, that the more you expand the playoffs, the more it devalues the regular season: “We don’t have to win our conference, or our division, just go 10-2 and we’ll get in.” Of course tOSU didn’t win its division and got in, but they got in with one loss.

I have no idea what you’re talking about, which I’m sure makes two of us.

Cannot believe this needs explanation. Really? Lack of team speed just about everywhere, big lineman that can’t move, slow defensive back 7, essentially immobile QB that needs a clean pocket or else. All attributes of a Big 10 team. And we got 'em. Just an attempt at humor, Swine. Lighten up. You don’t have to be in Razorback spin mode all the time.

Expand the playoffs? Why? The committee got it right. The two best teams in the country are playing in the championship game. You can expand the field to 64 and the team at 65 can always make a case that they should be in. There is no perfect system and there never will be. This is a huge improvement over what we’ve had and it should stay in place long enough to be fairly evaluated over a period of time. As for your original point, yeah hail yeah the Big 10 is overrated.

Points well made by everyone regarding 4 team playoff. The way I see it, there is still some very deserving teams left out there that could have beat for instance the Washington, such as Okla. (I am not an OKI. Using that as an example of a team that showed power and speed that could make a run in a tournament setting). I read in the paper that already one of committee members has brought up the need for 8 team; can not remember his name. Whether it is under serious consideration, I do not know.

When I see Arkansas referred to as a Big 10 team, I don’t think of an attempt at humor. And I’m not spinning anything. If you’re trying to be funny, that needs more work than our defense.

You say tomato I say to mah toe. You say Power 5 I say Big 10. Same thing right? LOL!

I say “matters” LOL :smiley: