Annoying ads blocking board content

Anyone else having issues with ads blocking board content in the middle of the screen? Lately, they seem to appear anywhere on the screen instead of the usual place at the bottom of the screen.

For what it’s worth, I use an iPhone XR.

No, because I use the ad blocker Purify app.

But we shouldn’t need an ad blocker. I’ve accepted the ads at the bottom of the screen. Don’t think they should be there for the pay boards, but I guess they aren’t going away anytime soon.

But now they inexplicably seem to be floating in the middle of the screen on my iPhone, blocking posts. And I can’t remove them. It doesn’t happen every time, but just enough to be annoying.

Thanks in advance for looking into it!

I use an ad blocker. Always have.

I don’t use an ad blocker and I have not had any problems with the site on my phone. Typically it helps the developers most if you can describe what kind of ads you’re seeing.

I just added an ad blocker app to my iPhone XR and it seems to be working.

I took some screenshots of what I was experiencing and tried to post them, but the file sizes were too big.

If you can provide me an email address, I’ll send them to ya!

Having the same problem

Send the screenshots to my email, please -

Thanks Matt. Just emailed you.

I just started getting them too. On the iPad, I can double tap the screen to close up and they sort of go away or get hidden. Then I may have to double tap again for normal view if they come back.