I see Jimmy Dykes is one of the announcers for our game Thursday.

That’s about right. He will blowing up K. Allen and running his mouth about what MA needs to do be doing instead of what he is doing! I really don’t enjoy listening to Dykes call a game. His time as the ladies coach ruined what I thought of him as a coach and an announcer!

Great. I enjoy his insights.

Same here. For a long time I’ve really liked what he’s brought to men’s broadcasts. You can tell he’s obviously passionate about that job and cares about informing viewers.

I know we all have our own opinions on these message boards which is great, but Army I thought the samething plus telling us how $Calapari is outworking everybody else .

Glad to hear it. I think he is one of the best…

He is one of the biggest supporters of these great hard working coaches that out recruit everyone else! John Calipari, Will Wade, Bruce Pearl and Ben Howland. I doubt he will mention how much they pay for their recruits. He is part of the problem with college basketball. At least tell the truth about how big of a dirt bag John Calipari is and everywhere he’s been as he heads out the door they vacate win, championships and end up on probation yet he gets out without any suffering himself. That’s the sad part. I can’t stand the way they all pump the dirt bag up!
You are right everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Most announcers are fired coaches that couldn’t coach. Dykes just happens to be one of them.
It was pretty funny last weekend when Seth G. Said that what Will Wade had done was against the integrity of the game.
Especially after his picture with the adidas convict and putting his nose in the Perry deal and helping Ben Howland get him to Miss St. When they speak they should consider the way what they say paints the picture of what people think about them.
They all support dirty coaches! All of them.
Dick Vitale is another that spoke out aginst Will Wade and at the same time blows about how great the list of dirty coaches are!

As long as it’s not Fishback or Walton I’m good.

Seems like anytime Fishback has been an announcer for our games this year, we’ve lost.

Walton, well, is Walton

You made a valid point there! Walton would be talking about the beach and UCLA! He just bores me to death.
Fishbaxk is being as well. You left out Wally Z.

I hope he has learned something about when you can run the baseline on an out of bounds play. I do tend to like him.

I enjoy listening to Jimmy. He is a smart, insightful guy. For some reason, he comes across on the tube as kind of a butt head. He isn’t funny, and doesn’t try to be, but he just needs to lighten up a little.

He was right about that according to the refs.

You can’t run the baseline, but you can step down it.

Only been in for like two years.

I think Jimmy Dykes, Joe Kleine, Scott Hastings, Pat Bradley and Blake Eddins are all very good at what they do.

But, of course, the first three are great friends, were in my wedding to my late wife and were with the team when I arrived to join the program.

Announcers are not going to call out coaches for alleged cheating. They would be fired. They work at the pleasure of ESPN, SECN and the SEC. It would be professional suicide.

I like Jimmy.

Everyone knows big time cheating is going on. It’s the NCAA and SEC job to call out and punish cheaters. Not announcers.

I understand that announcers can’t call out the cheaters on air. However I’m really sick of hearing what a great job Will Wade has done at LSU. If you can’t say anything bad about a cheater, then don"t say anything at all.

You can step but you can’t walk. The guy walked.

That hasn’t been mentioned. You don’t have 3 feet to walk and do whatever you want.

Surely you understand there are many options between “calling coaches out for cheating” and providing cover that you know isn’t true to coaches who you know are cheating.

I understand that DD, for example, couldn’t call out Will Wade for cheating when people were on here pumping him up and all his greatness in Year 3 compared to MA’s Year 8 (even though he and everyone else around the game knew it was very fishy and that Wade was very likely cheating).

The difference is, DD didn’t respond to the Wade hype by coming here and, knowing Wade was probably cheating, nevertheless attributing Wade’s success to just outworking everyone.

When Dykes did that for different, proven cheater, he was promoting that known/proven cheater.

And, when you promote cheaters, you’re continuing to tilt the playing field against the coaches who aren’t cutting corners.

It’s not innocent. It’s hypocritical. It’s dishonest.

I know the Insiders here and many others, love him to death, but I really lost a ton of respect for Dykes on that deal.

It was a lie. Period.


I always enjoy Jimmy,think he is very knowledgeable and provides good insight.

Dykes may be your friend but it doesn’t change the fact he pumps up the chesters and goes out of his way with on air in our ball games when they aren’t our opponent.
That burns me up! I sure don’t have anything positive to say about crooks and dirt bags.