I’m told the announcers this weekend are going to be Dave Neal, Chris Burke and Ben McDonald.

Since LSU is out that idiot come to the hill!
I can’t stand him! Ben McDonald needs to stay home.

Agree McDonald is terrible!

I would have much, much, much rather preferred Kyle Peterson!

Everyone would have preferred Kyle Peterson. He can only be at one of the super regionals, though.

Don’t get that at all. Ben is awesome, IMO. I think he does a great job of not being bias and is usually very complimentary of Arkansas. The ex-Tiger I can’t stand is Todd Walker. His bias shows through and he loves to hear himself talk. Burke is ok and Neal is pretty solid.

I think Ben Mcdonald is great!don’t understand the hate he has always complimented the Hogs and always does a good job every time i see him

For me it isn’t that he hates on the Hogs or gushes over the Tigers, I just find his voice annoying

He’s not my favorite commentator, but he’s not bad. He does know the game, and knows the SEC. He’s always seemed to be complimentary of the Hogs.

I like Neal. He does a good job most of the time and sets a good tone for the games. McDonald is a corndog, but he knows the game. I don’t have a problem with him as long as he’s not talking Corndog U. Baseball. He is complimentary of Arkansas. One thing about it: If you don’t like them, turn the volume down and turn on the Arkansas radio broadcast.

That’s exactly what’s I do. Regardless of who the announcers are. I have to do a little syncing up the audio with the video, but it’s not a big issue. Worth listening to our guys!

I’m bummed the Arkansas Gameday app isn’t playing the audio of the games. I don’t get a good radio signal in the house and you cant stream it unless its the Gameday app

I use the “tune in” app to to listen to the audio, then watch on game on “WatchESPN”

I’ll try that

It’s amusing with all the old SEC guys and during a broadcast you are going to hear several versions of the same thing: “Some player they played with in the past compared to someone on the team in the field; their old coach would have done it differently; a major league event where they experienced the same thing happening on the field but usually worse circumstances; umpire quirks from their playing days; LSU will be brought up in the conversation at some point”…

I will be in the stands instead of watching on TV but I have an opinion on announcers in general. I think three guys in the booth are too many. Each one is trying to be in on the conversation and sometimes the game suffers. I don’t give a rip about some of the stories they come up with to fill time. On the Razorback front, I don’t mind Phil Elson when he’s calling the game alone but when he and Bubba call a game it sometimes gets pretty lame. Don’t get me wrong. I like Bubba Carpenter and I don’t blame him. It’s just that Phil wants to be cutesy when Carpenter is in the booth. I used to listen to the game when I sat in the stands but not anymore. I just get tired of conversations about whether it is a foul pole or fair pole or why a player is wearing a grey turtleneck instead of a red one, etc.