Announcers this weekend

The ESPN announcers for the Fayetteville Super Regional are Clay Matvick and Todd Walker.

I’d never been a big fan of Todd Walker as a broadcaster, but I’ve got to say, he might have won me over during the SEC tournament two weeks ago. I thought he did a really good job providing color commentary for some of those games.

Glad I’ll be at the game, Todd sort of monotones on, when he’s not telling us about his career.

I thought last week’s crew for Fayetteville did a great job…at least they broadcast the game as it happened, what a concept :sunglasses:

Won’t be able to say that about the ESPN main team which will do the CWS…more into telling the viewers what they had for dinner last night and their airport schedule. Plus three is too many mouths in the booth.

The color guy - and not because he was a former Razorback - did a pretty good job, but the play-by-play guy was terrible. He kept misidentifying guys, even after Pose would correct him. And he was factually incorrect on several points. One example - by now, ALL of us know the story of Goodheart’s father suggesting he get his eyes checked, resulting in an adjustment of his contact prescription and he subsequently went on a hitting streak. In this guy’s version of the story, Goodheart had a conference with ARKANSAS coaches and “they” suggested he get his eyes examined. Not a big thing, but sloppy.

Just did not like the guy’s call at all.

Personally, I like Walker fine. Doesn’t make me want to jump up and clap my hands in excitement, but neither does he make me cringe. He’s OK.

In swinging around to other games over the weekend, I did notice that Troy Eklund was at the East Carolina regional, by the way.

I agree with everything you wrote here Wiz. Every point.

One of the things that is tough about the CWS, it lasts really long. The announcers have to get their clothes sent out to the cleaners four times. At least, that’s what one of the ESPN PR persons told me last year. I think they are tired of saying the same things about the same teams for 14-15 days.

There’s two ways to do Omaha: you can change steak houses every night, or stick to the one you like the best.

My favorite Omaha steak house:

They had a fire this winter, but I think it’s open again. I guess there are some other good ones, but I can’t fathom going anywhere else.

I finally made it to the Drover last year. I won’t miss it again. Wow!

I’m not talking about them saying the same things…I’m talking about the broadcasters calling the game as it happens, ball by ball, strike by strike, the way Buck and Smoltz do it, a little joking and distraction breaks the monotony and is fine. But McDonald and Perez and whats his name ( I think they did a Hog SEC tourney game), that is not what they do, they are talking about something else continuously, “and oh by the way, strike two is called.” So that is what I was saying, at least last weeks crew called the actual game. My opinion is the main ESPN college baseball 3 man crew is the worst there is.

I’d take the Southern Cal crew over them :lol:

*I remember now, Eduardo went on and on during the Hogs -Ole Miss game during the SEC tourney how he played the last few years of his career with one eye, “one eye Eduardo”…except for that he’s HOF! Seems like it went on for innings. In the meantime, a ballgame was being played :lol:

For perspective, the Southern Cal crew was the all-time worst.

totally agree Clay about USC,everything about that setup was straight out of HS it was embarrasing to see how bad they were and while I’m at look at UCLA stadium it is incredibly small! those PAC 12 schools spend no money on baseball.we are so blessed to have the best in the country.

I have given myself a limit on the Drover - no more than once every five nights when I’m in Omaha. Needless to say that last year I got my fill.

Right on Clay and Matt. Great place to eat.

I don’t really care who does the games on TV. I’ll have my butt right there in the 2nd row, the same as it has been all year. :sunglasses: In the cold, in the heat. WPS. Hoping for only two more games, wins for the Hogs of course. :grin:

the color guy this past weekend, if you didn’t know it sounded just like jim rome. i thought he was good but the play by play guy was horrible. he finally got Casey Martin right, called him Sam numerous times the first game.

That reminds me . . . one of the PBP guy’s several errors this past weekend . . . he was pronouncing Casey’s last name “oh-PEETZ” instead of “OH-pits”. I’m not 100% sure which is correct, but since I’ve never heard it pronounced the way he said it in the two year’s Casey has been playing for the Hogs, I’m guessing that “OH-pits” is correct and that the PBP guy was wrong.

I’ll go with the Kentucky ones on ESPN3.

I think one of them was a dad of a UK player.

Of course I am now a big Zach Thompson fan since he got taken by the Cardinals.