Announcers for UA-Seton Hall

Which is 12:30 p.m. Friday on TNT. Brian Anderson is play by play, Chris Webber (yes, C-Web) is analyst, Lewis Johnson is sideline reporter. Not familiar with Anderson’s work at all, or really C-Web. Johnson does a lot of track so he knows the UA track program. Hoops, I’m not so sure.

On the other hand, at least Dickie V is nowhere to be found.

Same crew is also doing the other three games in Greenville that day, including UNC-Texas Southern.

Upon further research, Anderson’s day job is doing TV for the Milwaukee Brewers in the summer. Apparently he called last year’s Middle Tennessee win over Sparty with a different partner. I missed that game, and most of the rest of the tournament. (I’ll admit it: If the Hogs ain’t in the Dance, I have no interest in March Madness).

C-Web does NBA on TNT. Does a great job. Lewis Johnson has been to Fayetteville to cover NCAA Indoor Track. He has done basketball during NCAAT and sone PAC 12 basketball.

Just proud it’s not the classless Dick Vitale.
I will see him one of these days and let him know face to face what I think of him!

C-Webb is pretty good. Knows the game and is entertaining.

Only beef I have with him is a comment he made about a Golden State crowd cheering for KD early this year. Basically said something along the lines of “Warriors fans saying hey KD, we appreciate you here” and implying that OKC fans didn’t when he was easily the most popular/revered person in Oklahoma (which is what contributed to the response when he left).

But that’s me being a Thunder fan. He does a good job. Integrating the NBA TV personalities into March Madness is one of the best parts of the whole thing.