Announcers for the Vandy game.

How is it possible for the hogs to get lucky and draw Bradshaw again! He was blowing about how good LSU’s press was the other night and how we were giving up the lead. He never mentioned anything about the horrible calls.
Another homer. Time to mute like I do when Vitale is calling a game.

“I am just in awe at the effort of the Arkansas Razorbacks,” ESPN color commentator Dane Bradshaw said. “These are freshmen you’re seeing laying it all on the line. Usually, they say ‘I’m not gonna get on a poster. I’m not gonna take a chance there.’”

He is simply a homer! I think he’s boring and drives me nuts blowing off at the mouth.

When you don’t have good TV analysts, mute them and play the radio broadcast, they are more liberal in mentioning everything including the officiating.

I doubt you’ll see an SEC color dude say much about the refs. They may mention a call or two was bad but generally they lay off blasting the refs. I assume the SEC has a say in who is hired and won’t put up with blasting their refs.

Ummmmmmm…he was just stating what was going on during the game, you know, like an ANALYST is SUPPOSED to do. LSU’s press was good and we did blow an 18 point lead correct? Yes, that is correct. Their press was really good and it affected us and caused us to blow an 18 point lead.

People that cry about announcers kill me. They’re just doing their job…they don’t care who wins. And how is Bradshaw a homer? He didn’t go to LSU. Wow…

I guess you like Vitale too! And yes he’s a homer ( part of the train that hyped up the cheaters in the SEC!

My two questions to you are…did we lose an 18 point lead? Was LSU’s press the reason why? Wait, I’ll answer those for you. Yes and yes. Bradshaw was simiply pointing out that we lost a big lead and that LSU’s press was the main reason why.

My guess is your like my Father-in-law. He doesn’t like it when announcers say something good about the other team and bad about Arkansas, even though what the announcers say is correct.

Games have ebbs and flows…when Arkansas is playing well and making the other team play bad, do you not notice that they talk good about us and not so good about the other team? Probably not.

And when Arkansas is not playing well and the other team is, the announcers will say that as well. It has ZERO, NOTHING, NADA to do with anything about being a homer, or this announcer doesn’t like my team, etc., etc. Have some common sense about it man.

Bradshaw isn’t bad at all IMO, he did call out the refs in the LSU game for the 2 missed flagrant 1 calls during the broadcast said he didn’t agree those were common fouls. He always says very positive things about Mike Anderson and how we play hard. He was giving Simpson and Sills a lot of props for their efforts, and raving about how good Joe is as a shooter, and was really criticizing LSU for not doubling Gafford more and giving him props for being the best player on the floor.

You have to realize he’s not an Arkansas announcer he’s not just going to be gushing over every little thing we do, and it’s not his job to sit and linger on the bad foul calls, all he can do is say he disagrees and move on, which he did.

If you want to talk about a homer, then Dick Vitale is your guy. Any game he calls has become unwatchable to me, It’s not even worth it for me to mute the game knowing he’s still calling it. I just turn the channel. I’d rather listen to Bill Walton call the entire Maui Invitational than listen to one half of Dick Vitale. I’ll never forget the game where he called Moses Kingsley a mouse. Then CMA went on the SEC Network and called him out, and said how you going to criticize someone when you don’t even know their name, said he called him Moses Beasley. I was so proud of CMA for doing that, his bias in that game was unbearable, glad our coach seen that and let him know we didn’t appreciate it.

I loved Dickie V in the late 80’s/early 90’s. But I think like most of the ESPN idiots, he’s sold out. He gushes praise on any known cheater and throws shade on those playing by the rules (Jay Bilas is right there with him, may even be worse), and no one on here can tell me Seth Greenberg “just does his job.” I’m sure CMA and “Honest” Ben Howland could argue that one. But, c’mon Bill Walton! Seriously? I can’t even watch a game with him, I come away feeling dumber for listening.

Walton? Now you have just gone too far.

Why are Hog fans arguing about a t v announcer. I am like army hog I really didn’t care for the announcers, but that is my opinion

I really like Bradshaw.

You’re exactly right about Bill, that shows you how much I don’t want to listen to Vitale. When Bill called our NIT game vs Cal a few years ago, I almost lost it man. He literally talked about everything other than the game.

Better than arguing about whether Mike should keep his job or not, or arguing about which Razorback deserves their scholarship

CMA isn’t going anywhere.

I don’t know that’s not what they are saying Hogville… lol. He’s already been fired according to them. They’ve already started the coaching search and everything. And I’m serious they really had a thread a few weeks ago literally starting a short lists for coaches. And not a single person on that list was realistic, the people over there are so far removed from reality it’s really not even funny anymore.

Yeah, during the FB coaching search they had guys claiming the snuck into the airfield and was looking in the windows of the hangars and they had all kinds of different people they saw exit the plane

I prefer Bradshaw over some of the others. I don’t really want to hear Barry Booker drone on and on about proper shooting technique. He would have probably thought Marvin Delph’s shot should have been changed.

I like Dane as well, he has enough personality to keep from being bland and does not seem to be trying too hard to be cool or hip. Admired him as a player, even though he played for Tennessee, as someone who got just about everything out of his talent. Seems to me, that he is one of the good guys.